Hayley, Brooklyn, Andrea and Tom venture to the US Open 2016

Hayley, Brooklyn, Andrea and Tom venture to the US Open 2016

Hayley And Brooklyn Storey attended the 25th US Open in Reno, Nevada, USA from the 29th Jan to 8th Feb along with Andrea Kilday and Tom Burns.

It was the biggest competition we have ever been to with over 1700 competitors and 13 mats running at the same time. The Venue was the Reno Sparks Convention Centre.

The temperature in Nevada was -6 deg at it coldest while we were there. It snowed which this in itself was pretty amazing to witness.

Our official accommodation was the Silver Legacy Resort which was huge an had a great gym/sauna/steam room/pool/massage for us to use which we used all the time.

We were lucky to have been witness to the USA Team Trials as part of their Olympic Selection process. This was pretty amazing to watch.

There were some amazing athletes at this event Olympic gold medalist’s, World Champions from all over the world, the US Open is one of the top international competitions in the world and is G2 event.

The event was really well run considering the size of it and we were pretty impressed.

We weighed in all good and we could eat again. Fighting was the next day so we had time to refuel ourselves. Brooklyn had 24 in her division and we knew it was going to be a long road ahead for her. Brooklyn’s first fight was a good fight up against Canada, due to technical issues the scoring wasn’t working correctly and Brooklyn had to have a rematch against this girl, so her 2nd fight she won. Her 3rd fight was against USA which was an amazing fight Brooklyn scored a great headshot and the judges didn’t score it so her coach protested they denied it as the camera angle couldn’t pick it up, so due to this she lost this fight.  It was the only protest our coach lost on the day.

My Division had 6 in it then they broke it down and was 2. So I fought USA much taller opponent (story of my life) wasn’t my best performance but I was please that I even stepped onto the mat at such a big tournament but I did manage to bring home a Silver medal.

All in all this was an amazing experience got to meet and mingle with some experienced athlete’s and take home a whole bunch of new memories.

If you ever get the chance to experience this take this offer up – it really has opened up my eyes up on how much work you have to put in to be the best.

Hayley Storey

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