2016 Taekwondo New Zealand National Championships

We are pleased to advise that the 2016 TNZ Nationals will be held at the Avondale College Gymnasium on the 29th & 30th October in Auckland. The information package is being finalised presently and we expect to have it ready for distribution later next week. Please note that all participants, coaches and officials will be required to be registered in the TNZ membership data-base which will allocate a TNZ membership number for when they register for the TNZ Nationals.
How to register competitors:
For this, members need to be exported to a separate list to be emailed to the Tournament Director. The export works by allowing the user (Club Admin) to select which members to export by ticking the box next to their name in the data-base list. The export function will export any member that has been selected. To export a list, the user needs to select the members to export using the tick boxes to the left of each name (or they can use the Actions menu Select buttons to make bulk selections). Then scroll to the bottom of the list and tick Actions Show actions. Users then need to select the Export radio button to the left of the drop-down that has Tournaments & Seminars showing. Users then click Perform Action at the right bottom of the data-base list and a PDF should be downloaded which can be saved to the desktop to be emailed to the Tournament Director. Entry fees are payable upon registration, banking details are shown on the PDF-list of competitors. Further details will be advised in the TNZ National Information Package.

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