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Commonwealth Championships

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October 2005

Notice of AGM
October 2005

TNZ established to unify WTF Taekwondo in New Zealand
 August 2005

Attention all number 1 and 2 ranked members of the New Zealand Senior and Junior National Teams:

A very rare and exciting training opportunity has arisen.  Taekwondo New Zealand has been invited to train with the Korean National A team and the Australian A Team for 9 Days in Australia as they prepare for the upcoming Asian Games.  This will be held in Melbourne starting from October 27th  through till the 4th of November.  It is up to the individual to organise flight and accommodation to and from this event by themselves.  If you are interested in training please contact Master Oh the TNZ National Team Head Coach to obtain further instructions.

 Contact Details; -  Master Oh Phone 0275368861 or email sejongkids@yahoo.co.nz

At the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) Board Meeting held on the 18th October 2006, the NZOC recognised Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) as a full member and as the national governing body for Olympic Taekwondo in New Zealand. TNZ was also officially recognised by the World Taekwondo Federation at it's Executive Council meeting in July earlier this year.

3rd Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships - Brisbane ( 14-15th October )
New Zealand won six medals at the Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships held in Brisbane on the 14th and 15th October!
270 competitors from 12 countries including Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada provided two full days of sparring and forms action at the Boondall Entertainment Centre. The standard of competition was extremely high and was a big step up for our New Zealand athletes after the high standards set at the Oceania Championships. Both England and Canada sent their 1st and 2nd ranked players, many of whom currently hold Pan American and European titles, and have placed at the World Championships.
The New Zealand female team members excelled in particular, with Hayley Schofield winning gold and three silver medals going to Andrea Kilday, Farah Robinson and Kathy Bell respectively in the sparring events, and a bronze to Steve Rickard in the mens. All of their opponents were top ranked international players and the New Zealanders had to battle their way through some tough matches to reach the finals. This was also New Zealand's second outing in the International Poomsae competition with a silver medal win in the creative forms division and a 4th place in the traditional forms against competitors who had won medals at the recent World Poomsae Championships. This was an important result for New Zealand and big step forward as Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) gears up to introduce a more compehensive WTF Poomsae Competition circuit in New Zealand and develop this fast growing sport in Taekwondo alongside sparring.

Overall the New Zealand team members performed well against the worlds best and there were some very close matches. TNZ is very pleased with the performance of it's team and the strong foundation that all athletes have laid down for next year. It was of great benefit to the sport here in New Zealand for the New Zealand team to compete at this important event and gain valuable experience from. The Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships was recognised by the World Taekwondo Federation and Commonwealth Games Federation. A full report with photos will be published on the TNZ Website shortly.
New Zealands medal winning results are as follows: -
Adults Blackbelt.
Female Fin Weight
1st - Kelsey Wiebe - Australia
2nd - Andrea Kilday - New Zealand
3rd - Anne Tran - Australia
3rd - Monique Robinchaud - Australia

Female Middle Weight
1st - Courtney Condie - Canada
2nd - Farah Robinson - New Zealand
3rd - Dawn Ang - Singapore
3rd - Eve Ember - Australia

Female Heavy Weight
1st - Marcela Szczotka - Canada
2nd - Kathy Bell - New Zealand
3rd - Natacha Stekovic - Australia
3rd - Linda Lawrence - Australia

Female Junior Blackbelt Heavy Weight
1st - Hayley Schofield - New  Zealand
2nd - Eleni Zafiropoulos - Australia
3rd - Catherine Carling - Australia

Mens Open WelterWeight.
1st - Adam Wright - Australia
2nd - Radomir Samardzic - Canada
3rd - Stephen Rickard - New Zealand
3rd - Peter Vissely - Australia

Female Individual Creative Forms
1st - Carmela Hartnett - Australia
2nd - Leanne Stoutley - New Zealand
3rd - Stella Edmundson - Australia
Overall Team Forms Results
1st  - Australia
2nd- Wales
3rd - New Zealand


Canada with thirty seven sparring entries and England, with a provisional list of sixteen sparring entries, have entered very competitive teams according to Commonwealth Taekwondo Union President Mr Ross Hartnett. Among the Canadian entries are Dominique Bosshart, a two time Olympian and Olympic Bronze medal winner at the 2000 Olympics. Dominique is also a World Championships Silver Medallist and a Pan American Gold medal winner.

Fellow 2004 Olympian, Pan American Games and 2006 Korean Open gold Medal winner Ivett Gonda is also entered in the event.

Not to be out done, England has entered among their team two time Olympian Sarah Stevenson who is also a World and European Champion. Team mates include fellow Olympian Craig Brown and Davoud Etminani, who are both two time bronze medal winners at the European Championships.

2006 Junior World Championship Bronze medal winners Aaron Cooke (England), Courtney Condie (Canada) and Sean Vrtacic (Canada) are also entrants in the Championships.

Nine countries so far have sent player lists, with Trinidad andTobago, India and Papua New Guinea indicating their lists will be received by the 26th September. The lists include so far 117 overseas entrants in sparring.

Wales is also through assistance from the British Taekwondo Control Board attempting to put together a team for the event.

Taekwondo Australia Secretary General Mr Russell Macarthur said that he expected the Australian team have approximately 100 entrants in sparring. To this end Taekwondo Australia had contributed significant funds to make this possible and to give opportunities to a broad base of athletes from many clubs.

Mr Macarthur also stated that while he would have dearly liked to have seen more Commonwealth Countries involved, he was ecstatic with the growth since the last Commonwealth Championships in 1998. He said it was pleasing that both participation in countries and competitors had doubled since the last Championships.

He also applauded the work of fellow CTU executive members, President Mr Ross Hartnett (Australia), Secretary General Dr William Darlington (Scotland) and Chairman Mr Adrian Tranter (England) for their assistance in securing the World Taekwondo Federation sanction for the event, making this the 1st officially recognised Commonwealth Championships.

Mr Macarthur said that the this event and its official recognition is an integral and significant step in our long term goal of one day seeing Taekwondo as a participant in the Commonwealth Games.
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Last Update: September 19, 2006

WTF 1st World Poomsae Championships

Poomsae (forms) specialist Liam Fernyhough, of Christchurch, competed for New Zealand at the WTF 1st World Poomsae Championships in Seoul on Tuesday.  One of forty competitors in his division, Liam was eliminated after the first round.

 TNZ Secretary General Matt Ransom said “Liam went to the championships to observe as well as take part, as this was the first event of its type.  Poomsae is a growing sport that attracts athletes who aren’t interested in kyorugi (sparring) competition but put as much time and intensity into their training as our fighters, and want the opportunity to compete.  Having an athlete at these first championships will help ensure New Zealand is well placed to send competitive teams to future international events.”

 TNZ will now look at including poomsae competition at its tournaments and introduce a seeding system as a basis for the selection of New Zealand representative teams.

Visit the WTF 1st World Poomsae Championships site


The New Zealand National Taekwondo team exceeded all expectations by winning 13 gold medals out of a total of 18 contested divisions at the 2006 WTF-Oceania Championships held in Auckland on Saturday 26th August. The wins also boost New Zealand's chances of sending a full compliment of four Taekwondo fighters to the 2008 Beijing Olympics for the first time. In addition, New Zealand also scooped  6 Silver and 3 bronze medals winning the overall best fighting team award against Australia's 3 Gold, 7 Silver, and 4 bronze.

Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) is thrilled with it's athletes, management, team coach and trainers who all worked hard together to come up with this great result for New Zealand. "The proof is in the result", according to TNZ Secretary General Matt Ransom, "We were quietly confident that our selection policy, seeding system and training build-up was on track. But this certainly exceeded all expectations. The overall performance of this tight-knit team was very pleasing. The team conducted themselves with great patriotic pride and gave their all for New Zealand no matter what the results were. We are now focusing on capitalizing on this at the upcoming Commonwealth Championships when we will face many of the worlds best in Brisbane".

Full results here



Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) is pleased to announce that it has been invited by the New Zealand Olympic Committee via the Australian Olympic Committee to send a National Junior Representative Team to compete in the Taekwondo event at the 2006 Australian Youth Olympic Festival. TNZ has confirmed it's participation to the NZOC and Oceania Taekwondo Union and will send a team that will compete against other invited countries from Great Britain, Chinese Taipei, Australia and China. This is a major junior athlete development opportunity for New Zealand Taekwondo which TNZ will fully support to ensure the future of the sport in New Zealand and the further growth of our athletes.

TNZ Secretary General, Mr Matt Ransom is delighted with this recent opportunity, "in addition to our participation in the upcoming Junior World Championships in July and the Oceania Championships in August, our Junior Athletes now have three major international events to participate in within the space of 7 months, with this latest event being added to their programme. I don't recall our young athletes ever having so much opportunity in such a small space of time. This is further tesitmony that TNZ is on the right path and that we are putting the best interest of the athletes first and foremost".

TNZ will confirm the selection process for the Australian Youth Olympic Festival - Taekwondo Event in due course.

The 2006 WTF Junior World Championships were a resounding success for the NZ Junior Representative Team in building a new platform for our junior athletes to move up from towards the future of the sport here in New Zealand. Our team of 11 male and female athletes, with very little international experience, put in a number of big performances for the Silver Fern with two big wins over Chinese-Taipei and Latvia.  Considering that almost all of the team were competing at the highest level for the very first time, this was a good result.  Taranaki's Lyteshar Drewery won her first fight against Chinese-Taipei before losing against Thailand, while Vaughn Scott from Auckland beat Latvia in his first fight 9-2, before putting up a big performance against Chinese-Taipei and going down 8-4.  The remainder of the team also had good performances over the five day event and have plenty of hard experience to build on with the upcoming 2006 WTF Oceania Championships in Auckland on the 26th August.
Overall TNZ is very pleased with the Junior Team's performance.  Secretary General Matt Ransom said, 'this team had a tall order with the World Championships being their first hit-out as a team.  But we can now capitalize on this when they assemble again for the Oceania Champs, and this experience will galvanize them into a tighter unit with more skill, which Taekwondo in New Zealand will greatly benefit from".
The NZ Junior Team worked well as a unit while in Vietnam and overcame the heat and a couple of minor bouts of the dreaded stomach-bug to perform well in the ring as well as a team when training and traveling together.  In its preparation for taking the team to Vietnam TNZ identified that health issues would be a major risk and ensured that the management team included a Team Doctor, to assess and deal with health and injury problems, and act as an advocate for the athletes if they needed to use local health services.  Our thanks to Dr Alistair Blomley for volunteering to take time out from his busy practice in Christchurch and go with the team, and also for attending the final team training in Auckland and briefing the athletes and supporters on what to prepare for in Vietnam.  Team Manager Master Mike Hannah brought formidable logistical skills to arranging the trip, and making sure it ran smoothly. 

TNZ would like to thank all the management team who showed their dedication to the sport by taking time out from busy schedules to act as volunteer organisers, managers, chaperones and advocates, caring for this group of young athletes and making sure that the trip was both a learning experience and an enjoyable time.  A robust selection policy and process for the management team made sure that TNZ could be confident that it had a group of professional and experienced people in positions of responsibility.  Parents and guardians rounded out the adult contingent accompanying the team to and from Vietnam and all mixed well and enjoyed various group activities and bonding during downtime.  Team member Kayla Maangi-Matiu, from the Bay of Plenty, also celebrated her 15th birthday while in Vietnam. The team all chipped in and brought Kayla a birthday cake and present and celebrated this special day with her.
Eleven young athletes, with very little or no international experience have stepped up to the big time and given their all for the sport and for their country. The experience they have gained has helped them to grow as individuals and athletes, and TNZ is very proud of them all.

New Zealand Team Head Coach, Master Oh, will be conducting training sessions for Oceania Team members in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch next month, which are open to any other black belts to attend.  Following on from the team training sessions for the junior team prior to their departure, TNZ is working towards ensuring athletes gain the necessary skills and experience to make the leap from national to international competition as we look towards the future.

WTF grants full membership and recognition to Taekwondo New Zealand

At the World Taekwondo Federation's Ex-Co meeting held just prior to the General Assembly in Ho Chin Minh City Vietnam this week, the WTF confirmed Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) is now the fully recognised member national association for New Zealand and the previous 'interim membership-status' has been replaced with full membership to the WTF

TNZ Junior Representative Team arrive safely in Vietnam!!!

The TNZ Junior representative team competing at the 2006 WTF Junior World Championships has arrived safe and well in Ho Chi Minh City.  After a 12 hour flight and stopover in Bangkok, the team arrived at Saigon airport on Sunday morning and then moved on to their accommodation.

The team, along with management and parents, have aclimatised quickly and have already had two light training sessions and are in good spirits. The accommodation is very good and training facilities are excellent. There is another 48 hours to go before the first competitor steps out onto the mats.

In the meantime the team is squeezing in some cultural sightseeing and all athletes, parents and managament have bonded well.

Oceania Team Officials

The TNZ Executive Board is pleased to announce the appointment of the New Zealand Representative Team Management  for the 2nd Annual WTF Oceania Taekwondo Championships: -
New Zealand Head of Team: -  Grandmaster Han Hyoun Lee (Bay of Plenty)
New Zealand National Team Head Coach: - Master Jin Kuen Oh (Auckland)
New Zealand Team Manager: - Michael Hannah (Taranaki)
Senior Male Team Trainer: - Mark Hall (Auckland)
Junior Male Team Trainer: -  Jason Kim (Auckland)
Senior Female Team Trainer: - Diana Kasad (Auckland)
Junior Female Team Trainer: - Vanessa Beel (Otago)

Korean Business Community Supports TNZ Junior Representative Team

The final countdown to the 2006 WTF World Junior Championships has began with the NZ Junior Representative Team departing for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam this coming weekend.

The last two months has seen a great deal of training and preparation go towards this event, including two NZ Team training seminar weekends held in Auckland which was funded by the New Zealand Olympic Committee.

TNZ President Grandmaster Kim and Senior Vice-President Grandmaster Han Lee have been actively lobbying the local Korean Business Community for support, resulting in the Junior Athletes each receiving a personalised NZ Team Do-bok
and the new WTF approved Hand-Glove Protectors. Each of the Grandmasters has also personally contributed to the NZ Team with the provision of Team Bags.  TNZ has contributed official NZ Team Tracksuit and NZ Team Polo-shirts for team members and officials.

Thanks to these contributions from the Korean Grandmasters and business community our NZ team members and officials are able to look the part and receive these items at no cost to themselves.

TNZ extends it's thanks to the continued generosity of Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim and Grandmaster Han Hyoun Lee and to the businesses who contributed, for their support of our young athletes.





Taekwondo New Zealand is pleased to announce the selection and confirmation of the New Zealand National Representative Team to compete at the 2nd WTF Oceania Taekwondo Championships. A 30-member strong squad of Junior and Senior players will represent New Zealand at the Oceania Championships which are being held in Auckland, New Zealand on the 26th August. This is the first time a World Taekwondo Federation sanctioned international event will be held in New Zealand and is testimony to the hard work and dedication to the athletes of the national governing body 'Taekwondo New Zealand' and that it is on track to meet it's goals and strategic plan to develop the Olympic sport of Taekwondo here in New Zealand and ensure that athletes of all grades are given the best opportunity to gain top international experience. Over 200 athletes from 14 Oceania Regional countries will compete including New Zealand, with 10 junior and 10 senior male and female divisions being contested. As the hosting nation New Zealand has been able to field a full-strength squad with many athletes already heading for the WTF Junior World Championships at the end of July and who will on their return be able to capatilise on that experience to strengthen the NZ Team's chances of Oceania Gold. The senior team is also a mixture of experience and new talent and the recent selection trials held in Dunedin was hotly contested with the senior players selected coming from a wide range of players accross New Zealand.



Female Finweight

Kim Javier                                                       Auckland


Female Welterweight

Kayla Maangi-Matiu                                       Bay of Plenty


Female Heavyweight

Jade Talbot                                                      Canterbury

Hayley Schofield                                            Wellington


Male Finweight

Song Bae                                                         Auckland

Malcolm Holmes                                             Auckland


Male Featherweight

Seung Hyun Lee                                             Auckland

Sol Bae                                                            Auckland


Male Welterweight

Pius Huang                                                      Auckland


Male Middleweight

Vaughn Scott                                                  Auckland

Brock Monaghan Neutze                                Southland


Male Heavyweight

Corey Shaw                                                    Canterbury

Nicolas Dorman                                              Auckland




Female Finweight

Andrea Kilday                                                 Auckland


Female Bantamweight

Leanne Stoutley                                              Auckland

Miwah Van                                                     Auckland


Female Lightweight

Eleanor Currie                                                 Bay of Plenty

Aroha Miller                                                    Canterbury


Female Middleweight

Farah Robinson                                               Wellington

Robin Jong                                                      Auckland


Female Heavyweight

Hope Fairless                                                  Auckland

Kathy Bell                                                       Auckland


Male Bantamweight

Malcolm Tester                                               Wellington

Sanjesh Singh                                                  Auckland


Male Lightweight     

Logan Campbell                                              Auckland

Alan Brian                                                       Canterbury


Male Middleweight

Stephen Rickard                                             Wellington

Danny Cartlidge                                             Canterbury


Male Heavyweight

Michael Marsh                                                Auckland

Dafydd Sanders                                              Auckland

NZ Junior Representative Team Training Weekend: -

The New Zealand Junior Team to compete at the upcoming WTF Junior World Championsips assembled in Auckland on the 20th and 21st May for it's first official training seminar weekend.

Team members from all over New Zealand were funded to travel to Auckland to commence preparations and to be trained by the New Zealand National Team Head Coach, Master Jin Kuen Oh, 6th Dan. The two-day seminar commenced with a fitness test and assessment run by the NZ Male Team Trainer Master Jason Kim, who was assisted by the NZ Female Team Trainer, Kathy Bell. The athletes were then put through their basic drills by Master Oh who progressed them over the two day seminar towards the advanced skill levels and stages that they will need to be at when the team re-groups in Auckland again next month ahead of the World Champs in July.

The team training seminar weekend was well received by all of the team members who, under Master Oh's expert coaching, were able to measure their current condition and identify the key areas that they will each need to work on to imrpove for their next team training. Many of their individual coaches were also in attendance to be on hand to assist with the trainers and see first-hand what will be required of their athletes in the build-up to the Junior World Champs.

Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) provided funding assistance for travel as well as providing meals and arranging support over the weekend with accommodation and billets, and everyone was treated to dinner on the evening of the first day of training where all were able to get to know each other better. TNZ President Grandmaster Kim also attended the seminar on both days to meet the team members and their parents and kindly donated sports drinks to each member at the conclusion of the seminar. TNZ would like to thank the individual coaches, parents and supporters who attended the training seminar weekend and assisted with transport and billets. Also a big thanks to Master Oh for a professionally run seminar from which our young athletes can only improve, and to the trainers Jason and Kathy.

See photos of the seminar in the TNZ photo galleries

WTF confirms new New Zealand International Referees

The WTF have this week confirmed the final results of the 49th WTF International Referee Seminar held in January 2006, in Sydney under the auspices of the Oceania Taekwondo Union.  Taekwondo New Zealand is pleased to confirm that 13 New Zealand members have successfully passed and are now fully fledged and certified WTF International Referees.

The successful new and New Zealand based WTF International Referees are: -

Ivan Kim
Peter Shaw
Sung Heuy Tark
Vijay Chhika
Mike Hannah
Youn Sub Lim
Stan Wagner
Ju Hyun Kim
David Aldridge
Jong Kyung Park
Greg O'Brien
Zhuang Pantine
Angela Thompson

TNZ is looking forward to New Zealand  being able to contribute officials to international WTF events and the development of it's officials.





Junior Female Team

Junior Female Flyweight 42-45kgs

Krishia Javier                         Auckland

 Junior Female Welterweight 52-55kgs

Kayla Maangi-Matiu               Bay of Plenty
Junior Female Light-Middleweight 55-59kgs

Lytesher Drewery                    Taranaki

Junior Female Middleweight 59-63kgs

Hayley Schofield                     Wellington
Junior Female Heavyweight Over 68kgs

Rongomaipapa Ahomiro         Bay of Plenty


Junior Male Team

 Junior Male Finweight Under 45kgs

Nick Miller                             Auckland

Junior Male Bantamweight 48-51kgs

Sol Bae                                   Auckland

Junior Male Featherweight 51-55kgs

Rayneil Narsey                        Auckland

Junior Male Welterweight 59-63kgs

James Robinson                      Christchurch

Junior Male Light/Middleweight 63-68kgs

Vaughn Scott                           Auckland

Junior Male Middleweight 68-73kgs

Brock Monaghan-Neutze         Invercargill

Junior Male Light Heavyweight 73-78kgs

Nicolas Dorman                      Auckland

Junior Male Heavyweight Over 78 kgs

Tamihana Wairama                 Bay of Plenty                                      


 New Zealand National Team Head Coach

Jin Kuen Oh                 Auckland

New Zealand Head of Male Team

Han Hyoun Lee            Bay of Plenty

New Zealand Male Team Trainer

Jason Kim                   Auckland

 New Zealand Head of Female Team

Aroha Miller               Christchurch

 New Zealand Female Team Trainer

Kathy Bell                   Auckland

 New Zealand Team Manager

Mike Hannah               Taranaki

 New Zealand Team Doctor

Dr Alistair Blomley    Christchurch

***Important Announcement 13th March 2006***

To all Athletes competing in the NEW ZEALAND SELECTION TRIALS for the 2006 WTF JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and to their Coaches, please be advised that the new WTF Competition Rules and Regulations will apply as follows; -                

WTF Competition Rules

Article 16. Decisions

16.3.(2) Win by Point Gap.

When there is a 7-point gap, the match will be stopped and a winner declared.

16.3.(3) Win by Point Ceiling.

When a competitor scores 12 points, the match shall be stopped and the competitor declared the winner.

Sudden Death Play-Off

In the event of a tied score at the conclusion of the 3rd Round, a 4th round will be contested and the first competitor to score will be declared the winner. Or in the event of two half-point or 1 full-point deduction, the athlete deducted will be disqualified.

All coaches are to ensure their competitors are aware of these new rules and regulations. For further information visit the WTF website: - www.wtf.org



The Oceania Taekwondo Union (OTU) has approved Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) to host the 2nd Annual WTF Oceania Taekwondo Championships to be held in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday 26th August.

This is a groundbreaking achievement for TNZ and for the sport here in New Zealand as this will be the first ever WTF sanctioned international Taekwondo event to be held in New Zealand. Details on the divisions and weight classes to be contested will be confirmed by the OTU in April. TNZ will hold a selection tournament for the New Zealand Team to compete at the Oceania Championships and the criteria and details for the trials will also be announced in April. For further details please visit the WTF Website at www.wtf.org

Further details and information will be advised when it comes to hand.


Dear Instructor,

2006 WTF Junior World Championships – New Zealand Selection Trials

 On behalf of Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) I would like to extend an invitation to your athletes to participate in the New Zealand Selection Trial Tournament being held in New Plymouth on the 1st April 2006, for the purpose of selecting a New Zealand representative team to attend the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Junior World Championships being held in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, from 26th – 30th July 2006.

 Click here for the entry pack and here for the selection criteria.  This will be the primary event for selection and is open to all athletes from WTF style organisations in New Zealand who meet the following eligibility criteria;

  •  Athletes must hold a Poom or Dan certificate/rank at the time of the selection trials next March 2006 and be born between 1 January 1989 and 31 December 1992.

  •  Athletes must hold a Kukkiwon Poom or Dan certificate at the time of registration and competition at the Junior World Championships. TNZ will assist non-holders with the Kukkiwon application process prior to registering.

  •  Athletes must be a New Zealand citizen and hold a New Zealand passport.

 Athletes who are unable to attend the selection trials may in some circumstances still be eligible for selection by meeting the criteria and following the procedure set out in item 2 of “Selection process for WTF Junior World Championships 2006” in the selection policy.

 TNZ will also be calling for nominations for coaching and management positions. See here for the criteria and nomination process.

 Should you have any questions regarding this, or require further information please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist.

 Please distribute this information within your organisation.  We look forward to seeing the best of New Zealand’s young athletes competing for the chance to represent their country.



Great-Grandmaster Park Seminars

TNZ and its member organisations recently played host to Great-Grandmaster Park, 10th Dan black belt and one of the developers of the Taeguek and Palgwae patterns, and Grandmaster Kim, 8th Dan and President of TNZ.

Three seminars were held - in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, with over 90 Red belt and above students attending.  All TNZ member organisations were represented with some participants from non-member organisations.  Comments after the seminars from participants were very positive, with Great-Grandmaster Park alternately explaining, demonstrating and getting students to perform the techniques, many black belts with 20 years or more experience discovering the truth in the old saying that technique is always further perfectible.

Many members and instructors in Wellington and Christchurch had not previously met Grandmaster Kim and appreciated the opportunity to meet with him, discuss Taekwondo and also learn about TNZ’s recent achievements first hand. 

At the Christchurch dojang, Grandmasters Park and Kim were greeted with a Powhiri and Waiata, performed by the Kaikoura club.  Brett Cowan from Kaikoura orated and the Taiaha challenge was performed by New Brighton club member Carl Bennett.

The Grandmasters responded by singing a traditional Korean song, a moving experience for everyone present.

The World Taekwondo Headquarters-Kukkiwon has also officially recognised TNZ by the awarding of the “Kukkiwon Diploma” to TNZ members Peter Shaw, Yorick Neal, Rajesh Narsey, Matt Ransom and Master Sae Tae Park (TNZ Technical Director) "for their self-sacrifice to Taekwondo and for their promotion of Taekwondo Culture”.

These commendations were personally presented by Grandmaster Park and Grandmaster Kim. Receiving the “Kukkiwon Diploma” is a rare honour and is a sign of recognition and endorsement of TNZ and it’s officials.

The TNZ gratefully acknowledges the following individual members for contributing to covering the cost of the seminar series; Grandmaster Kim, Matt Ransom, Rajesh Narsey, Vijay Chhika, Peter Shaw, Greg O’Brien, and the Cardinals club and also the member organisation the Taekwondo Union of New Zealand for underwriting some of the costs associated with the seminar series.

The contribution and commitment made by all were felt to be well worthwhile, we have all seen first-hand Grandmaster Park’s and Grandmaster Kim’s efforts in promoting TNZ in Korea; ensuring that TNZ is duly recognised by the Kukkiwon and WTF; and for sharing their expertise and time.

This was an amazing weekend and one that TNZ and all it’s member organisations will greatly benefit from in the long term. Our thanks to everyone who attended the seminars and/or contributed to their success.



From the Christchurch Press Newspaper 6/2/06:


International Referee Seminar

TNZ member organisations Ace Taekwondo, New Zealand Taekwondo Alliance and the Taekwondo Union of New Zealand, sent a total of 12 New Zealand referees to the 49th International Referee Seminar held in Sydney during January.  The seminar was organised by the recently formed Oceania Taekwondo Union and over 80 participants from Korea, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Palau, Guam, Afganistan, Nepal, England, Tonga, Fiji, Kiribati, Titahi, Australia and New Zealand attended. 

Held over three days, it comprehensively covered all aspects of refereeing; the new WTF international competition rules, scoring, hand signals and interpretations.  Lead by Hong Ki Kim, WTF Director of Refereeing who was assisted by Master Seng Kim from Australia, the seminar consisted of theory, practical work, and testing.

 As well as being an opportunity to increase knowledge, improve skills, and gain an internationally recognised qualification, it was also a chance to meet Taekwondo practitioners from other countries away from the atmosphere of tournament competition.

 Having a pool of international referees available will enable New Zealand to contribute more actively to Taekwondo development in the Oceania region, as well as help fulfil the goal of continuous improvement in officials skills at local and national tournaments.


Taekwondo New Zealand Goodwill visit to WTF headquarters and Kukkiwon Headquarters

During the holiday season when most of us are enjoying a break, TNZ President Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim, and Senior Vice-President Grandmaster Han Hyoun Lee, have been on a goodwill visit to the WTF and Kukkiwon to further promote and develop opportunities for WTF Taekwondo in New Zealand. Positive and constructive meetings have been held with WTF President Chung Won Choue, and Kukkiwon President Yong Gye Um along with many other WTF and Kukkiwon officials. TNZ's position as the interim governing body for WTF Taekwondo in New Zealand was confirmed and reiterated by the WTF President. Kukkiwon matters regarding the issuing of the Dan and Poom certificates will also be managed by TNZ. Further discussions were held regarding the development of education and competition programmes for New Zealand, including confirmation of TNZ's organisation of the selections for the Junior World Championships. Details of the meeting can be found on the official WTF website:-  http://www.wtf.org/site/news/photo.htm





Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ), which was recently named the interim governing body for WTF Olympic Taekwondo in New Zealand, has appointed Mr John Schofield as its Funding Manager to co-ordinate applications and disbursement of funding. TNZ Secretary General Matt Ransom said that TNZ was delighted Mr Schofield, who is an Area Manager for business banking at a major bank, had accepted the voluntary position. "Not only does John bring excellent business and financial skills to the position, but he has also had a long involvement with the sport through his daughter Hayley, a top national and international competitor. John knows first hand the difficulty of competing at the top level without financial assistance". John is now reviewing a number of funding options.





The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has officially granted interim governorship of Olympic and WTF Taekwondo in New Zealand to Taekwondo New Zealand Incorporated (TNZ).

In a letter to the New Zealand Olympic Committee and Oceania Taekwondo Union on the 18th November, the WTF Secretary General Mr Dong Hoo Moon said that the WTF will designate TNZ as the interim governing body including all technical matters and the selection of athletes for international championships from today and until the next WTF Executive Council Meeting in 2006 when a final decision on this matter will be made. 

Taekwondo New Zealand is delighted with this news and will immediately begin implementing its strategic and development plans, and looks forward to working closely with the NZOC and WTF to ensure the forward momentum of the sport in New Zealand.  First priority is the selections for the Junior World Championships, and developing and gaining certification for more International Referees.

 For further information regarding this matter and Taekwondo New Zealand, please contact the Secretary General, Mr Matt Ransom 09-3755093 or mobile 0274-222-821.



Taekwondo New Zealand Official Public Announcement 27th October 2005


Following on from a resolution passed by members at the Annual General Meeting of 8 October 2005 TNZ applied to the NZOC to be recognized as the governing body for WTF style Taekwondo in New Zealand.

The NZOC has advised TNZ that it has recommended to the WTF that TNZ become the officially recognised group by the WTF for Taekwondo in New Zealand.

The NZOC made particular reference to Taekwondo New Zealand's strategic plan, which it has described as having an openness and transparency of process, and an inclusive forward planning which they believe will see the sport move forward in New Zealand.



On Saturday 8th October in Auckland, Taekwondo New Zealand Incorporated (TNZ) held a public and independently chaired Annual General Meeting to elect officers and confirm the constitution. Mr Roger Wood, Team Funding Manager for SPARC, independently chaired the meeting. An observer from the WTF sanctioned Oceania Taekwondo Union, Mr John Kotsifas-Secretary General, also attended.

Prior to the meeting, public notice was given through advertisements in the four major daily newspapers, the New Zealand Herald, Dominion-Post, the Christchurch Press, Otago Daily Times, and on the TNZ website. A letter was also sent to the New Zealand Taekwondo Federation inviting them to send an observer, which they did.

At the AGM, TNZ Member organisations tabled membership lists to provide evidence that TNZ had the support of the majority of WTF style Taekwondo practitioners in New Zealand.  Seven WTF-Style organisations representing a total of 2631 members were confirmed as members of Taekwondo New Zealand. Nominations and candidates for office were also confirmed and voted unanimously into the following office positions by the approved voting members;

President- Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim

Senior Vice President – Grandmaster Han Hyoun Lee

1st Vice-President – Master Peter Shaw

2nd Vice-President – Mr Bill Freeth

Secretary General – Master Matt Ransom

Treasurer – Master Rajesh Narsey

Executive Member – Mr Anda Wongso

A resolution for Taekwondo New Zealand Inc. to apply for national sport organisation status from the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) was approved by the members.

Oceania Taekwondo Union Secretary General, Mr John Kotsifas provided an update on the newly formed and WTF sanctioned Oceania Taekwondo Union Inc. In particular he highlighted the O.T.U. development plans for certifying more international referees, including New Zealand, funding, and proposed selection processes for the Beijing Olympics. He also said that New Zealand had representation on the Oceania Taekwondo Union with Master Matt Ransom as its Treasurer.

Mr Roger Wood closed the meeting congratulating Taekwondo New Zealand, and it’s new officers and saying that SPARC was looking forward to seeing Taekwondo becoming a major sporting force in New Zealand. The Annual General Meeting was officially closed by the Chairman at 2.40PM.


Notice of Annual General Meeting


Taekwondo New Zealand is pleased to announce an Annual General Meeting to be held on 8 October 2005 at Pukekawa Room, 1st Floor, Parnell Community Centre, 545 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland , commencing at 1pm.

Agenda items are;
Election of Officers
Confirmation of Constitution

Taekwondo New Zealand invites interested WTF style Taekwondo organisations to send an observer.  Please assist us for catering purposes by e-mailing your attendance to info@taekwondoNZ.org.nz,




 A new national sports body, ‘Taekwondo New Zealand’, has made major progress in unifying a number of Olympic WTF-style Taekwondo organisations in New Zealand.  This is an exciting and groundbreaking development as never before has any one organisation been able to unite so many independent styles and clubs under one banner.

 The sport has been split by deep divisions for over a decade.  Recently a working group known as the ‘Unification Steering Committee’ had been approved by the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) to manage the unification process.  This group was approved by the NZOC on the basis that its members were representative of the majority of WTF groups in New Zealand rather than just one organisation.  While there was significant progress made by the committee, an impasse was reached on a number of issues resulting in the committee being dissolved and the matter of unification being passed back to the NZOC.

 The New Zealand Olympic Committee remains the official interim governing body for WTF-Style Taekwondo in New Zealand and is approved and recognised by the World Taekwondo Federation.

 Three members of the original Unification Steering Committee, Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim, Rajesh Narsey, and Matt Ransom have since moved on to the interim management committee of ‘Taekwondo New Zealand’ in an effort to keep this process moving forward. They see the new organisation as a body that has a democratic constitution and a sound strategic plan which best represents the interests of the majority of practitioners in New Zealand.

 ‘Taekwondo New Zealand’ is managed by an interim management committee proportionally representative of its constituent voting member organisations. It also has the support of a number of very experienced and qualified New Zealand based Korean Taekwondo Masters and Coaches who form the Technical Advisory Committee. They bring a high level of expertise and special skills to Taekwondo New Zealand and are all highly commended and respected WTF and Kukkiwon certified Masters.

 The purpose of ‘Taekwondo New Zealand’ is not to teach Taekwondo in competition with its member organisations, but to enhance existing Taekwondo organisations by providing a forum for them to plan and act in a unified manner for the promotion and development of the sport and art in New Zealand.  ‘Taekwondo New Zealand’ aims to act as the National Sporting Association for Olympic Taekwondo in New Zealand, to select and manage national teams, and to act as the coordinating and disbursement agency for government funding. In addition to this, it will act as the one united voice for all of it’s existing member organisations on all matters regarding unification.

Current member organisations represent a large majority of Olympic WTF-Style practioners with the largest member-organisations being the New Zealand Taekwondo Alliance, Taekwondo Union of New Zealand and ACE Taekwondo.

 ‘Taekwondo New Zealand’ has contacted other groups with invitations to join and will take an open, friendly and proactive approach towards the matter of unification.  Any person, club or organisation which supports its objectives is welcome to join.

Any Olympic WTF-style Taekwondo practitioner or organisation wanting to make contact with ‘Taekwondo New Zealand’ can do so by writing to: -

Taekwondo New Zealand, P O Box 10-291, Christchurch

E-mail info@taekwondoNZ.org.nz, or visit our website www.TaekwondoNZ.org.nz