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  • Taekwondo New Zealand

    Welcome to the Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) website. TNZ is the governing member national association responsible for the promotion and development of World Taekwondo Federation (W.T.F.) and Olympic style Taekwondo in New Zealand.

    The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is the world governng body for Olympic Taekwondo as recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The WTF has over 80 million registered members in 191 countries, and is the 8th most played sport in the World.

    The Oceania Taekwondo Union (OTU) is the regional governing body for the WTF. The OTU is made up of member countries from the pacific region. TNZ is also a member national association of the OTU.

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide effective governance for WTF Olympic Taekwondo in New Zealand, to provide vision and leadership, and promote the pursuit of excellence from junior and grass roots participation to the Olympic Games and international competitions.


    Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) is a non-profit Incorporated Society formed in 2005 for the purpose of providing a forum for it's member organisations to plan and act in a unified manner for the promotion and development of WTF style Taekwondo in New Zealand.


    TNZ is recognised by:

    1. the World Taekwondo Federation as the governing national member association for the sport in New Zealand.
    2. the World Taekwondo Headquarters - Kukkiwon, as the official national body for the issuing of Kukkiwon Black Belt certificates in New Zealand.
    3. the New Zealand Olympic Committee as the nominating body for Olympic competition. 
    • Goals

      • Serve as the National Sports Organisation (NSO) for WTF Taekwondo in New Zealand and as a member of the NZOC.  TNZ as NSO shall comply with all applicable laws and WTF/IOC/NZOC requirements including anti-doping.
      • Serve as the Member National Association (MNA) in New Zealand for the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and Oceania Taekwondo Union (OTU). Work with the WTF and OTU to promote excellence in the sport of Taekwondo, and promote its visibility to the public.
      • Select and designate individuals to provide representation for New Zealand in international competition by providing a selection process for each major event, and certify, in accordance with the applicable international rules, the eligibility of such individuals.
      • Promote and encourage public participation in Taekwondo events and activities, educate members and the public about Taekwondo; assist member organizations and individuals concerned with the development of programmes for athletes; and provide services for members’ common benefit.
      • Serve as the coordinating body for Taekwondo events in New Zealand; and promote and sanction international competition held in New Zealand.
      • Provide effective and timely communication to athletes, officials, and organizers within the sport.
      • Train and certify officials.
      • Provide and coordinate technical information on training, equipment, coaching and performance analysis.
      • Manage the Kukkiwon grading process in full accordance with Kukkiwon regulations.
      • Executive


        • President - Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim
        • Senior Vice President - Grandmaster Han Hyoun Lee
        • Vice President - Master Peter Shaw
        • Vice-President – Master Rajesh Narsey
        • Secretary General - Master Matt Ransom
        • Treasurer – Jason Whitcombe
        • Board Member - Master Jin Keun Oh
        • Board Member – Master Kesi O’Neill
        • Board Member - John Schofield
        • Board Member – Gina Xiaoying Guo



        • Chairman - Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim
        • Deputy Chairman - Grandmaster Han Hyoun Lee
        • Technical Director - Master Ik Jin Choi
        • Technical Director - Master Sae Tae Park



        • Operations Manager - Garry Carpenter
        • Funding Manager - John Schofield
        • Kyorugi Referee Co-ordinator – Angela Caldwell
        • Medical Officer  - Doctor Bren Dorman
        • National Kyorugi Administrator - Hayley Storey
        • National Poomsae Administrator - Sharon Knox
        • Korean Communications Officer - Master Brian Lim



        • Jason Whitcombe
        • John Schofield
        • Master Rajesh Narsey
        • Member Organisations


          • If you are a TNZ member organisation and would like your website to be linked to this page, please contact
          • If your club or organisation is interested in becoming a TNZ Member Organisation, please contact
          • Global Athlete Licence

             Kyorugi and Poomsae athletes competing in WTF-promoted championships are required to register with the WTF as global athletes.

            The cost per licence is $100 (NZ).

            Once the application has been received, TNZ will invoice the athlete/official for the amount required. Once payment has been received, only then with an application be made to the WTF for a Global Athlete Licence.

            An application must be made in the form of an email. Applications must be sent to the following email address:

            The following items are required to be included in the application email (without all this information, a successfulapplication to WTF for a Global Athlete licence can not be made):

            1. Full Name (First name, last name, preferred first name)
            2. Physical or Postal Address
            3. Contact Phone number
            4. Email address
            5. A head and shoulders photograph of the athlete/official - this is uploaded to WTF
            6. A scanned copy of the details page of the athlete/official's passport (even if not a New Zealand citizen - please see point 4) - this is uploaded to WTF
            7. A scanned copy of the athlete/official's Kukkiwon Dan/Poom certificate - this is uploaded to WTF
            8. In the case of holding no New Zealand passport, a letter or certified copy showing "Resident Visa" status within New Zealand- this is uploaded to WTF

            WTF require the above information and may, in turn, request additional information.

          • Kukkiwon Submissions

            Taekwondo New Zealand is the organisation responsible for handling Kukkiwon certification in New Zealand.

            Applications must be made by registered (with Taekwondo New Zealand) examiners as per Kukkiwon regulations.

            All applications are submitted to the TNZ Treasurer, as per the process outlined at the TNZ Annual General Meeting, 2014.