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    3 October 2014 - Avondale College - 10am to 4pm

    Taekwondo New Zealand is hosting a TNZ Kyorugi Official’s training day at:

    Avondale College
    3rd of October, 2104

    TNZ views Kyorugi Officials in 3 disciplines:
    1- Computer/Desk
    2- Corner Judges
    3- Centre Referees

    As such, TNZ is structuring this course by dividing the participants into the discipline they wish to focus on (not everyone wants to be a Centre Referee).

    All participants are required to have completed and passed the

    found at:

    The test will be available from the 1st of September, 2014

    All Kyorugi officials wishing to officiate at the TNZ Nationals (4th and 5th October) should attend this training day.


    Referee Director:
    Angela Caldwell

    Stan Wagner
    Vijay Chhika
    Garry Carpenter

  • The Exam

    TNZ offers an exam, to be downloaded from this website.

    • The exam is a word document.
    • The exam is open book.
    • The exam may be completed at anytime.

    Once completed, the exam needs to be emailed to:

    For the seminar/refresher to be held on the 3rd of October, please have a completed the exam for hand in at the beginning of the day.

  • Kyorugi Officials

    A formal referee and corner judge certification programme will ensure a consistent and high level of skill, and ensure there is a pathway available for officials to progress from beginner through to International Referee.

    Skilled refereeing and judging is a fundamental requirement for strong domestic competition which TNZ sees as a foundation element needed for international competitiveness. For members currently refereeing at tournaments, their refereeing history will be accepted as prior learning experience, and upon completing a course or seminar and undertaking a theory examination, they will be given the appropriate level refereeing certificate.

    The TNZ Kyorugi Referees Director is Angela Caldwell. She is contactable at:

    The TNZ Kyorugi Referees Administrator is Hayley Storey. She is contactable at:

  • TNZ Referee Uniform

    TNZ have adopted the following uniform:

    • White shoes (preferrably martial arts shoes)
    • Black long pants (not tracksuit pants or jeans)
    • White collared business shirt (long or short sleeve)
    • Black tie (preferrably the TNZ Referees tie). Please note this tie will be replaced with a red tie from the 2013 Certification process.
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