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Dear TNZ Members,

RE:  1st 2011 TNZ Kyorugi Referee Certification & Refresher Course.

TNZ is pleased to announce the 2nd Taekwondo New Zealand Referee Certification & Refresher Course. Skilled refereeing and judging is a fundamental requirement for strong domestic competition which TNZ sees as a foundation element needed for international competitiveness. There have also been a number of significant changes to the rules and regulations for Kyorugi Competition since our last course was run including the introduction of Electronic Body Protectors. The TNZ Kyorugi Referee Certification & Refresher Course will ensure a consistent and high level of skill, and also ensure there is an ongoing pathway available for officials to progress from beginner through to international referee.

This is a 4 level staged certificate course continuing on from our previous course. For members currently refereeing at tournaments, your refereeing history will be accepted as prior learning experience, and upon completing this course and undertaking a theory examination, you will be given the appropriate level TNZ refereeing certificate. Current certified TNZ Referees who attend will also be able to apply for the next Level.

This course is also open for TNZ member organisations Coaches and Athletes to attend. As Electronic Body Protectors will be used at all future TNZ events, it is critical that athletes and their coaches are familiar with how they work, the scoring systems and applicable rules. Plus this is an opportunity to learn the latest rule changes, as without this knowledge you are at a competitive disadvantage.

There will be three certification courses run during this year. The first is being held in Auckland. Dates and details for Wellington and Christchurch courses will be announced shortly.

Location: Auckland

Venue: Anchorage Park Primary School Hall, Swan Crescent, Pakuranga, Auckland

Dates: Saturday 18th June

Times: 9.00am – 7.00pm

Cost: TNZ Referee Kyorugi Certification & Refresher Course Fee $50.00

Athlete/Coaches Participation Fee $20.00 (only for those not applying for certification)

Please find attached the course details and application form.

We encourage all TNZ members to attend these courses as holding a TNZ Referee certificate is a pre-requisite for officiating at TNZ events. 

Any enquiries please email:-

Registrations and payments can be made on the morning of the course at 9.00am.


Matt Ransom



Taekwondo New Zealand ™ 2011