Oceania Taekwondo Union Poomsae Judges Course- Wellington


A formal Poomsae judge certification programme will ensure a consistent and high level of skill, and ensure there is a pathway available for officials to progress from beginner through to International Referee. Skilled and proficient judging is a fundamental requirement for strong domestic competition which TNZ sees as a foundation element needed for international competitiveness. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be registered with both TNZ and the Oceania Taekwondo Union.

TNZ 1st Class Referee (holding the OTU Poomsae Judges Qualification)

Qualifies referees to referee and corner judge at all regional, national and selection level tournaments. Qualifies referees to be eligible to attend international level courses and qualify as an International Referee (As international referees you are required to acquire the international referee uniform). This also allows referees to officiate tournaments overseas as invited.


• Must have minimum rank of 1st Dan black belt.

• Must hold a Kukkiwon Black Belt.

• Must successfully complete the OTU Poomsae judges seminar/workshop or similar eminar sanctioned by TNZ.

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