Events Summary


Taekwondo New Zealand is active in promoting WTF Taekwondo throughout the country. Through it's many run programmes, Taekwondo New Zealand is constantly monitoring, reviewing and updating the practice of Taekwondo nation wide. 

Taekwondo New Zealand operates:

  • The TNZ New Zealand Open tournament (annually)
  • TNZ New Zealand National Championships tournament (annually)
  • Conducts National Team selection processes
  • Holds seminars and training for Coaches, Instructors, and Athletes
  • Administers the qualifications for Referees and Officials
  • Operates the High Performance Athletes Programme

Tournaments - TNZ organises premier tournament competitions, such as

  • The New Zealand National Championships
  • The New Zealand Open 
  • National team selection events


TNZ offers development opportunities to it's member athletes, instructors, coaches and member organisations through official TNZ seminars, events and specialised training. TNZ also offers, through the World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon, access for it's members to attend international seminars and certification programmes. This ensures that TNZ's members are constantly updated with the latest developments, rule changes and techniques in the sport and art of Taekwondo.


Taekwondo New Zealand provides a 4 level certificate programme with the option of being recommended to attend an international referee certificate course when the pre-requisite requirements are fulfilled.  

The certification programme includes:

  • attending referee seminars
  • theory and practical examinations 
  • and for higher levels of certification a required amount of practical experience