2016 Australian Open

Posted 19th July, 2015

Approximately 70 TNZ members consisting of Officials, Athletes and supporters made their way to Melbourne on the weekend of the 26 – 28th June to compete or officiate at the Australian Open.

It was a large tournament with both Poomsae and Kyorugi running with over 500 competitors from all over the Globe.

It attracted some top seeded players, World Champions and Olympic Medalist’s so there were some very exciting matches to watch. New Zealand would have been one of the countries with the most entrants.

First day up for sparring was the Senior’s and also our Poomsae Team. Some good performances ahead of the Pacific Games in PNG.

Second day saw Seniors up again. It was great to see the Juniors and Cadets supporting their peers and staying the two days watching, learning, taking it all in and seeing their idols from around the world in action and why they are top of their game.

Third day saw the Juniors and Cadets time to shine. The event also had the first Para-Open. There were some wins and some losses, but all good experience and time on the mat.

We would like to acknowledge our TNZ WTF International Referee’s Angela Caldwell, Vijay Chhika and Stan Wagner who officiated, and Lee Carpenter who was hand picked by the OTU to Judge Poomsae. Great to see our Kiwi officials leading the way.

Also thanks to Jamie Carpenter and Selena Chhika for helping the Tournament Director out by sitting on the Jury Tables during fights.

Our Kiwi coaches all stepped up at the event and also helped other players if their coach was busy on the mat – good New Zealand attitude all pulling together when needed.

Coaches - Robin Cheong, Garry Carpenter, Tim Urquhart, Camille Pruckmuller, Grandmaster Oh, Master Kesi, Andy Rutten, Kenaz Vergis and Chris Perkins all helped out. Two of these coaches are based in Australia and helped out when needed also. Of note was Garry Carpenter being awarded the Top Poomsae Coach Award at the Australia Open, as voted by the WTF International Poomsae Judges in attendance. Also thank you to the TNZ Secretary General Master Matt Ransom for making the time to come over and support the athletes.

The third day was done and dusted by 2.30pm on the Sunday as the tournament had to be over but 3pm. All in all some good performances and Kiwi pride was high.

By Hayley Storey –TNZ Kyorugi Administrator