TNZ Poomsae Administrator Role Vacancy

Posted 19th July, 2015

TNZ Poomsae Adminstrator Role Vacany
Taekwondo New Zealand is calling for applications for this key administration role. Please refer to the attached position description. The applicant will be a current financial member of a TNZ member organisation who preferably has an international and national record in effectively administering Poomsae. The applicant would also need to demonstrate that he/she has recently had experience in organising, planning and administering TNZ Poomsae events and/or seminars. The applicant will also provide TNZ a breakdown and copies of any relevant qualifications to support his/her application. Needless to say, the applicant will also need to have the free time and resource necessary to effectively operate in this role and be able to work well alongside existing officials in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the ongoing development of the sport.

Please submit your application and CV: 

Attention to the Secretary General
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Submissions can not be accepted after 31st July 2015.