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TNZ Nationals, Auckland, October 2013


Information Pack (click here to download the information pack)

Registration Page (click here to go to the Registration page)

Tournament Director: GARRY CARPENTER
Venue: North Shore Events Centre, Silverfield Place, Wairau Valley, Auckland.
Dates: 5th October, 2013. The Tournament is set down for one day.
Venue Entry Times on Saturday: Doors will open for competitors and coaches at 7.00am. Spectators will be allowed entry from 8.00am. There will be charges for spectators
Weigh In for Kyorugi competitors
• Friday weigh in will be held at the venue.
The times for Friday weigh in are: Starting at 6pm, and closing at 8.00pm.
• Weigh in will re-open at the Venue from 7am Saturday closing at 9.00am. As this is Taekwondo New Zealand’s National Championship, failure to attend weigh in and/or failure to make the specified weight will result in immediate DISQUALIFICATION.
Team Registrations
• Team Registration information is in the Information package. Teams can be registered online or by mail.
• Team packs will be available for pick upon Friday the 4th of October from 6pm at the weigh-in desk, closing at 8pm. "Picks" will resume at 7am (Saturday) at the Venue. Club Instructors are to collect their respective Club Team packs, and present any issues at the Registration desk, manned by Trish Cronin.
Compeition Start Times
  • Kyorugi competition will begin at 9am sharp Saturday.
  • Poomsae competition will begin at 9.30am (approximately)
Eligibility for the TNZ Nationals
The Taekwondo New Zealand National Championships is open to all TNZ member organisations and their athletes:
  • holding WTF grades from yellow belt (8th Geup) to Black Belt and
  • being current financial members of a TNZ member organization.
Competition Rules
WTF Competition Rules will apply to Kyorugi and Poomsae. To obtain a copy of these rules go to
Ages as per WTF Rules. Age in years is taken from the year of birth. For example, born in 1998 is 15 years old. Born 1995 is 18 years old. Please note: for example- a competitor born in the year 1996 is judged to be a 17 year old, regardless of whether they are born on the 1st of January or the 31st of December.
Behaviour of spectators and athletes
Club Instructors will be responsible for the behaviour of all members of their travelling team (including parents, siblings and partners of players and management).
  • 2013 - Coloured and Black Belts 
  • Part of the selection process for the Junior World Championships
  • Expanded Open class (Black Belt competition) to promote New Zealand’s next generation of International Athletes
  • One day event
  • All ages - Grade 5 to Black Belt - will use Daedo Electronic Body Pads
  • International standard venue
  • Information packs are available from