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67th WTF International Kyorugi Referees Seminar

2 Jan. 2012 Posted by Garry Carpenter


A Worthwhile Week of Refereeing
The week began with a 2 and a half hour drive from Tauranga to Auckland, starting at 2am Monday the 12th of September. A quick hop across the Tasman to Gold Coast (Australia), arriving at 840am. I was picked up at the Airport by a shuttle and driven to the Raddison Resort- venue for the week. Arriving at this hour made for a long day- not wanting to have a sleep during the day which would mean not sleeping that night, so I went shopping.
DAY ONE- Hand Signals for the NEWBIES
The highlight of day was all the anecdotes and funny stories, the hard part of the day was doing “Kal-yeo” (break) for an hour. It was a Poomsae class all over again- “from here to here”, “no- not your version- MY version”, “You will all do it my way”. But by the end of the day- we were looking good.
DAY TWO- The Rules
If you are right handed, your arm is numb, and moving it hurts. Too much “Kal-yeo” yesterday. Day two saw the Refresher course people arrive- numbering now over 80 from USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand. Today- rules day. Intense!
DAY THREE- Putting it all together in the RING
Today was scenarios. Working in groups of 4, then 6 then 8 then 10, then 20, the 40. The day is taken up with all of us picking holes in each others refereeing (call it Peer Review). Today, there was an obvious division between the ones who will pass with relative ease, and those who would struggle or fail.
DAY FOUR- Testing
The new group began the day with an hour written test. If it is in the book- it’s in the test. If the referee instructor Mr Chakir Chelbat (Chairman WTF Referee Committee) said it was so- it’s in the test. Next was the Individual practical exam. Some questions, then “Listen to what I say, and react!”. When it was all over (getting through all the newbies took 4 hours), back into the room for the Photo shoot.
DAY FIVE and SIX- Putting it into practice
The Australian Open was held over the following two days. only IR’s were allowed to Corner Judge or Centre Referee. The standard of officiating was very high.
A great week. A real eye-opener. Things are changing! 
Garry Carpenter